The Church of Our Lady and the Counts’ ChapelPrint


Count Baldwin IX started construction works on the Church of Our Lady in 1199. All that remains of this early Gothic building are the west façade, the nave and the transept. The rest was added later on.
As a token of their gratitude for their victory at Groeningeveld, the Flemings hung five hundred golden spurs of fallen French knights in the choir. Eighty years later, the spurs were lost to looting Breton mercenaries, but you can still take a look at the copies that took their place.
The church obtained its current rich baroque interior in the 17th century. The art treasures include the Raising of the Cross by Antoon Van Dyck. Dating from 1370, the unique Counts' Chapel features beautiful wall paintings of the Counts of Flanders and the statue of Saint Catherine, a true masterpiece.

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