Zeebrugge is a modern city linked by the Boudewijn canal with Bruges, its historical mother city. In a nutshell? An international seaport, with authentic fishermen’s quarters and genuine fishermen’s pubs, a fashionable marina, but also a family seaside resort and the ‘capital of fish’. Literally, everything is about the sea.

The fish auction is famous far beyond Zeebrugge, and the seaport dominates the daily life of both tourists and locals. Sitting on the beach you can see the harbour in the background. There are city tours by bus or boat. Would you like to practice some sports? Here it’s sailing or fishing.

The specialties in the restaurants are invariably fish platters. No wonder many true seafood restaurants here are legendary. You can’t escape them. The impressive windmill park can be seen from nearby and in the Seafront Maritime theme park you discover the workings of an international seaport and a fish auction. In Zeebrugge everyone becomes a seaman...