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Ostend was home to James Ensor, and a source of inspiration to Marvin Gaye and many other artists. The royal influence of Leopold II is still reflected in its magnificent historical buildings. In recent years Ostend has undergone a restyling and has grown into a modern versatile Stad aan Zee (seaside town) where there is always something to see or do. There is a refreshing mix of culture, shopping, gastronomy, entertainment, cycling in the polders and getting a breath of fresh air on the beach.

Ostend is reputed to be the events town on the seaboard. Summer and winter bring a great diversity of events that add an exciting touch to your stay. It is as if the cultural scene relocates from Brussels to ... Ostend in the summer! With Theater aan Zee, a Film Festival, Woosha and other events and festivals you will get your share of culture throughout the summer.