Oostduinkerke is a quiet seaside resort along the Flemish coast amidst 240 acres of dunes. These splendid dunes form a natural conservation area. Nature lovers can also enjoy to their hearts content the flora and fauna that is characteristic of the dunes landscape. Other assets are the charming village that maintains its folklore and the National Fisheries Museum.

Oostduinkerke is the only coastal village where you can see mounted shrimp fishers in action. A wonderful spectacle! In the last week of June the shrimp festival takes place. The shrimp parade is held in the streets of Oostduinkerke, led by ‘Mieke Garnaal’ and her cortège of ladies.

The sandy beach of Oostduinkerke is about one kilometre wide at low tide and stretches all the way to French Dunkirk. A beautiful spot to enjoy the sun, build sand castles or explore the beach. The beach offers ideal conditions for parakarting and land sailing, given its length (30 kilometres to Dunkirk), slope and absence of access ramps.