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Koksijde is close to the top, literally and figuratively. From the highest dune (Hoge Blekker), and no less than 701 acres of nature reserves to internationally recognised art and archaeology.

It goes without saying that the Delvaux Museum is an exceptional gem in the cultural heritage of Koksijde, with a unique collection of paintings by this surrealist. Why Delvaux chose St. Idesbald as a holiday resort at the time, has everything to do with the prevailing artistic atmosphere there. You can still soak up "the good old days” in the residential areas of St. Idesbald and Koksijde.

The golf course Koksijde Golf ter Hille is attractively situated between the coastal strip with the dunes and the Westhoek polders. Golfers enjoy a unique setting with a driving range of 25 tees and a 9-hole short course.